6 Standing Desks Under $600 to Upgrade your Home Office in 2021

Photo by Trinity Nguyen

Maybe you’re missing your standing desk from the office, or simply looking to upgrade your WFH setup after a year of sitting indoors. Whether you’re looking for better ergonomics or health benefits, a standing desk can be a great upgrade for your home office.

Our team put together 6 solid standing desk recommendations for under $600, so you can start stretching out your legs, without stretching out your wallet.

Overall Best

Autonomous SmartDesk Core on autonomous.ai

Autonomous SmartDesk Core (image credit: Autonomous)

The Autonomous SmartDesk Core is an excellent all-around pick with prices starting at $499 with free shipping. It balances an all-around premium set of features in a budget price point of $499 making it an overall best pick for those looking for a good deal.

What we like

  • A massive 1,537 square inch tabletop was included in the base price, the largest base model out of any that we reviewed.
  • A 4 height controller is included out of the box, so you can dial in the precise height you want and get back to it any time with a single touch.

What we don’t like

  • Limited customization options. While that makes a no-fuss buying experience, it also means if you know exactly what you want, you might have to make some compromises.
  • With a lower range of 29.4”, the desk has a minimum height that starts a bit on the tall side and might not work for people of all heights.
  1. Starting Price: $499, Free Shipping
  2. Starting Table Top Size: 53” x 29”
  3. Height Range (with Top): 29.4” to 48”, 18.6” of Range
  4. Lifts 265 lbs, Motorized
  5. 4 Saveable Height Settings

Upgrade Pick

UPLIFT Standing Desk V2 on upliftdesk.com

UPLIFT Standing Desk V2 (image credit: UPLIFT)

The UPLIFT Desk doesn’t sport as many features as our overall best pick within its base price; however, they provide endless customizability to build your perfect standing desk for those that are willing to spend a little extra.

What we like

  • The UPLIFT store gives a dizzying array of customization options for those that know exactly what they want in a standing desk.
  • Their 3-stage lifting frame supports the largest weight and motion range out of all the desks we reviewed. This makes it a great desk for those with heavier work setups and for a variety of user heights.
  • Comes with convenient free gifts to further upgrade your standing desk experience.

What we don’t like

  • Upgrading the UPLIFT desk to roughly match the specs of the Autonomous desk would add over $100 to the base price.
  • The large number of customizations can be hard to navigate on their site and can be confusing for first time buyers.
  1. Starting Price: $599, Free Shipping
  2. Starting Table Top Size: 42” x 30”
  3. Height Range (with Top): 25.3” to 50.9”, 25.6” of Range
  4. Lifts 355 lbs, Motorized
  5. 4 Saveable Height Settings ($29 Extra)

Most Affordable Standing Desk

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk EC1 on amazon.com

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk EC1 (Image Credit: Flexispot)

For those looking for the cheapest deal they can get on a desk, look no further than the Flexispot Standing Desk EC1. Coming in at less than half the price of our overall pick and even cheaper than the IKEA hand-cranked desk, it’s a no-frills electric standing desk that can be a good upgrade from a basic computer desk.

What we like

  • Delivers a sturdy and solid entry-level desk at an incredibly affordable price.
  • You can upgrade the desktop size for just a few dollars if you’re looking for a larger work surface area.

What we don’t like

  • It comes with a single motor design with a lower weight lifting capacity which can complicate assembly and potentially lead to earlier motor burnout as mentioned by a few reviewers.
  • Comes with no ability to install a height controller with saved settings, so users will have to guess what level to lift and lower their desk to.
  • No cable organization holes to pass cables underneath the table, which can make cable management more difficult.
  1. Starting Price: $240, Free Shipping
  2. Starting Table Top Size: 42” x 24”
  3. Height Range (without Top): 28” to 47.6”, 19.6” of Range
  4. Lifts 154 lbs, Manual
  5. No saveable height settings

Best Standing Desk Convertor

Flexispot Standing Desk Convertor on amazon.com

Flexispot Standing Desk Convertor (Image Credit: Flexispot)

If you’re still deciding whether to invest into a standing desk or not, a standing desk converter can be a solid and affordable option to look into. That being said, it comes with some large drawbacks such as the smaller range of motion and smaller desk surface.

What we like

  • The gas spring operation makes it trivial to raise and lower your setup with relative ease.
  • The two-level platform lets you elevate a monitor without needing something else to boost monitor height.

What we don’t like

  • As with almost any converter setup, it’s hard to make the desk converter look aesthetically pleasing in an office.
  • Supporting only 33 lbs of weight on a relatively small surface, those with larger setups such as having dual monitors can find this converter a bit uncomfortable in terms of space and weight support.
  • With only 15” of range, taller users might need to compromise their standing posture to make this converter work.
  1. Starting Price: $100, Free Shipping
  2. Starting Table Top Size: 28.4” x 23.7”
  3. Height Range (with Top): 4.7” to 19.7”, 15” of Range
  4. Lifts 33 lbs, Manual

Best for Small Spaces

Fully Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk on fully.com

Fully Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk (Image Credit: Fully)

The Fully Jarvis standing desk offers the smallest table top out of all desks reviewed, making it perfect to fit in a tight area. The smallest desk area comes in at just under half the surface area of the Autonomous standing desk. However, its frame is no slouch, being rated to lift up to 350 lbs.

What we like

  • For compact spaces, it’d be hard to beat their smallest desk size available of only 30” x 24”
  • A reasonable amount of customization is available in an intuitive customization tool to design a desk you’d like.

What we don’t like

  • Customization options are pricier than the Autonomous and UPLIFT branded desks.
  • With the tallest minimum height with their 2-stage frame, it might not offer the most comfortable sitting position for everybody.
  1. Starting Price: $539, Free Shipping
  2. Starting Table Top Size: 30” x 24”
  3. Height Range (without Top): Starting at 29” to 48.3”, 19.3” of Range
  4. Lifts 350 lbs, Motorized
  5. 4 Saveable Height Settings ($35 Extra)

Alternative Budget Pick

IKEA SKARSTA on ikea.com


The IKEA SKARSTA offers a quality desk at a budget price of $239. But it comes at a price, it’s a manually operated desk. That being said, it still sports a large table top and almost 20” of range with a study frame. Of course being a manually raised table, it has a much lower weight capacity of 110 lbs, but that still can hold the typical simple office setup without any struggle.

What we like

  • The manual crank is easy to operate and provides some additional exercise when looking to change table height.
  • Without a motor, it makes the table overall durable and simple, avoiding the biggest risk of a burnt out motor.
  • The SKARSTA offers a lower minimum height, making it more ideal for a variety of user heights and preferences.

What we don’t like

  • Being manually cranked, there’s no possibility to save your preferred height settings and getting it right every time can be difficult.
  • No cable organization holes to pass cables underneath the table, combined with IKEA’s fiberboard material means it can be challenging to drill one yourself. Additionally, drilling in screws to mount additional accessories is out of the question.
  1. Starting Price: $239, $50 Shipping
  2. Starting Table Top Size: 47.25” x 27.5”
  3. Height Range (with Top): 27.5” to 47.25”, 19.75” of Range
  4. Lifts 110 lbs, Manual


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